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Checkr powers the fastest, fairest background checks for businesses of all sizes. It’s time to change the way you hire.
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Eddy + Checkr

Seamlessly initiate Checkr background checks directly from a candidate’s profile in Eddy. Start by selecting the desired background check package and then receive a notification and link to the report in Checkr when it’s ready.
When you click the Run a background check button, you'll see a form with the necessary information needed to create the background check request. Eddy will automatically send this information to Checkr when you complete the form.
After the report status changes to Complete, you'll get an email notification from Checkr and in Eddy the Background Check card will show that the report is completed. Click the View on Checkr link to open the Checkr website and view the report in your Checkr account.

Integration Overview

Manage employee benefits administration and open enrollment. Elections made in Employee Navigator flow straight into Eddy.

Integration Type

Via API & webhooks

Direction of Data Flow


Sync Schedule

Data syncs automatically within a few minutes.

Sync frequency

As events occur

How to enable the integration

To connect the Checkr integration, navigate in Eddy to the Admin settings page and click the Integration tab. Under the Checkr option, click the Connect button. When the Checkr connection page opens you can either create a new account with Checkr, or sign into an existing account.

What data syncs?

Info In EddySync DirectionName of Info In CheckrNotes
Candidate ID
Candidate IDMandatory
Candidate First Name
Eddy to partner
Eddy to partner
First NameMandatory
Candidate Last Name
Eddy to partner
Eddy to partner
Last NameMandatory
Candidate Email Address
Eddy to partner
Eddy to partner
Email AddressMandatory
Background Check status
Partner to Eddy
Partner to Eddy
Background Check StatusMandatory

About Checkr

Checkr powers the fastest, fairest background checks for businesses of all sizes. Your team’s experience starts before they’re hired, and the background check is no exception. Checkr gives candidates transparency into their records, accurate ETAs, and the opportunity to give context around records when necessary, so that you can accelerate the hiring process and ensure a positive candidate experience.
Checkr is a leading provider of background check technology. One reason Eddy selected Checkr as a preferred partner is that Checkr’s mission is to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to make hiring more inclusive, efficient, faster, and safer for employers. This means that Eddy customers can more efficiently initiate the background check process from within Eddy’s hiring platform.