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Ep. 38

38. Building a Better, More Successful Recruitment Program w/ Tatiyana Cure

In episode 38, we sat down with Tatiyana Cure, to talk about the challenges and opportunities hiring managers face today.
38 - Tatiyana Cure

Tatiyana Cure

Founder and Head of Talent
HTW Talent

In this episode, we sat down with Tatiyana Cure, Founder and Head of Talent at HTW Talent and author of Hire to Win: Manager’s Practical Guide for Attracting and Interviewing Top Talent to talk about recruiting practices and strategies that help hiring managers bring in the best new talent for their organization. 

During our discussion, we talked about:

  • The recent changes in candidate expectations and behavior in the search for their next job
  • Why it’s important to acknowledge and address the emotional component of the hiring process
  • How taking it slow at the beginning of the hiring process improves the outcome for both new employees and companies
  • How working smarter not harder in recruiting helps hiring managers and prospective employees find a mutual fit

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There’s a time and place to go fast and there’s a time and place to go slow. Sometimes you need to slow down in order to go fast.”

Tatiyana Cure

We have this amazing opportunity as talent professionals to not be just paper pushers. Now we are trying to be partners with the hiring manager…As a talent professionals, we need to partner with managers to level set the expectations.”

Tatiyana Cure

Take a look at all of your HR or talent processes like hiring or interviewing candidates and reflect on what’s working and what’s not working…I would urge everyone to make a list of all of your HR talent practices and say ‘what is working really well for us and what is not so much and what could we change?’”

Tatiyana Cure

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