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Ep. 28

28. Finding Success in Small Business HR w/ Chris Ruddy

In episode 28, we talk with Chris Ruddy about the challenges and opportunities HR professionals have when starting an HR department from scratch.
Chris Ruddy

Chris Ruddy

HR and Operations Specialist
Skill Struck

In this episode, we sat down with Chris Ruddy, HR and Operations Specialist at Skill Struck, to hear about his experience establishing and running an HR department of one at a small business.

Like many in the industry, Chris fell into the field of HR. But what’s kept him here is the possibilities that come with establishing a new HR department from scratch.

We also talked about:

  • Where to start when you’re the first HR person hired for a small business
  • How to create an HR department from very little (or nothing)
  • The biggest small business HR challenges he’s faced—and how he overcame them
  • Tips for small business HR pros who might be facing similar challenges

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When I was in college, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I fell into HR—like a lot of people in the industry do. In college, I had an HR job where I met with hundreds of students, and I really liked the people aspect. And then the right HR job opportunities just fell into place.”

Chris Ruddy

My first HR project at Skill Struck was to write the employee handbook. At the time, there weren’t any written policies; everything was up in the air. There were only about 10 people at the company. But as they started scaling up, they realized that they needed a handbook—and that was tasked to me.”

Chris Ruddy

All of your processes—PTO, benefits, onboarding, hiring processes—have to be documented in order to have a successful HR department.”

Chris Ruddy

There are so many free resources available now, such as the Eddy HR encyclopedia, which offers templates and step-by-step guides to help small business HR pros get started. I wish I had that when I first started in HR.”

Chris Ruddy

Talk to your mentors. Be intentional about communicating with them. They’re one of the best resources for hitting the ground running in your career.”

Chris Ruddy

Getting the right resources in place will free up your time to focus on your people. Before we had Eddy HR, I had to do all the nitty-gritty details of payroll—putting in all the numbers, everything. Now, we have a dedicated payroll provider in Eddy. I delegated those administrative tasks and that freed up my time to focus on more meaningful work.”

Chris Ruddy

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