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Ep. 32

32. Creating a Culture Centered on Purpose w/ Leeatt Rothschild

In episode 32, we talked with Leeatt Rothschild about how to inject purpose into an already existing business—especially when purpose was not inherently part of why the business was started.
32 - Leeatt Rothschild

Leeatt Rothschild

Founder & CEO
Packed with Purpose

In this episode, we sat down with Leeatt Rothschild, Founder & CEO at Packed with Purpose, to talk about creating a workplace culture that’s purpose- and people-driven.

During our discussion, we talked about:

  • How Packed with Purpose builds culture and nurtures employee development, wellness, and engagement
  • How investing in corporate wellness pays off for both employees and companies
  • Why integrating a company’s purpose into everyday employee experience is so essential to its success
  • The successes and challenges Packed with Purpose has experienced on its own journey

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“You’re only as good as your people are. It doesn’t matter how amazing your product or service is, if your people are not committed to your mission or exhibiting your values in their interactions with their colleagues and with customers, then you’re not putting your best foot forward and you’re missing opportunities. Your people are everything.”

Leeatt Rothschild

“At Packed with Purpose, we have a clear sense of who we are as a company. So that means when we’re recruiting new employees, our value system is very apparent—and it’s easier to see someone who has good cultural alignment. We’re a mission-oriented company, so if you’re not mission-oriented, you’re probably not a fit.”

Leeatt Rothschild

“There’s incredible power in stories. And there are so many different products and services out there—we want to tell these impact-forward stories because that’s what makes a gift compelling and memorable.”

Leeatt Rothschild

“Every Packed with Purpose employee knows that they’re a part of doing good. But whether you’re helping control inventory or thinking about lead generation—in your day-to-day work—you can sometimes lose sight of the mission. We wanted to find a way to bring the mission forward, so we started a program called Purveyor Spotlight that highlights the important work an impact partner is doing.”

Leeatt Rothschild

“As more and more companies are working remotely, the opportunities to bond with colleagues over lunch or the watercooler have fallen to the wayside. You have to intentionally create opportunities for employees’ relationships to blossom.”

Leeatt Rothschild

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