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Ep. 31

31. Prioritizing Your Own Well-being as an HR Professional w/ Ben Eden

In episode 31, we talk with Ben Eden to learn about the challenges HR professionals face prioritizing their own mental health and well-being when they're already busy taking care of others.
Ben Eden

Ben Eden

HR Executive Coach
Reach Your Ultimate Potential

Thanks to a decade of small business HR experience, Ben Eden has seen his fair share of HR professionals—usually on small teams or teams of one—struggling to meet the demands of growing companies.

In this episode, we sat down with Ben, now HR Executive Coach at Reach Your Ultimate Potential, to learn about the challenges HR professionals face prioritizing their own mental health and well-being when they’re already busy taking care of others.

We also talked about:

  • Why it’s important for HR professionals to look after their own well-being
  • How HR professionals can take care of themselves (especially for those who are new to doing so)
  • Hosting an HR well-being week—and why now’s the right time to do it (for yourself, NOT your employees)

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“Why have I stayed in HR? It’s not the answer of ‘I like people.’ I see the value of people in an organization—and seeing them as people, not just resources—and how improving their lives also improves the business.”

Ben Eden

“I cared about the company I used to work for, but I often felt overworked and unsupported. I felt like they only kept me (HR) around because they had to. And I know a lot of HR professionals today feel the same way today due to the pandemic. We have to take care of everyone else, but when do we take the time to care for ourselves in HR?”

Ben Eden

“Even in my local SHRM association, I found it difficult to find someone I could relate to when it came to what I was struggling with. We were so focused on getting the next certification, and learning about what was best—for employees—but I never felt like I could talk with someone about what I was going through.”

Ben Eden

“If you want to be able to help your company and employees navigate remote work, work-life balance, and everything related to COVID, you have to put yourself first. Otherwise, you won’t have the energy to help in the way that you need.”

Ben Eden

“I help burned out and overwhelmed HR professionals find optimism in their job again. How does that happen? I simply talk with them. Do I say, ‘Here’s the key to happiness’? No. Or, ‘Here’s a million things you need to do differently’? No. I simply help them unlock what’s already inside of them. I remind them that reaching out and getting some things off their plate is a step in the right direction.”

Ben Eden

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