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Ep. 43

43. Making the HR Difference Wherever You Are w/ Lotus Buckner

In episode 43, we sat down with Lotus Buckner to talk about the pros and cons of corporate environments and startups and how you can leverage both to build an HR program that supports your mission.

Lotus Buckner

Founder & CEO at LB Talent Solutions
VP of People & Culture at Chowbus

In this episode, we sat down with Lotus Buckner, Founder & CEO at LB Talent Solutions; VP of People & Culture at Chowbus to talk about how HR differs in startups versus corporate environments and how to get the best of both worlds without sacrificing goals and values.

During our discussion, we talked about:

  • The different HR approaches of small businesses or startups and corporate environments
  • Why these distinctions matter for HR practitioners in their career development and success in any particular role
  • What small businesses get right in the realm of HR and what they can borrow from corporate to improve the employee/employer experience
  • How to start or restart with a people and culture approach that builds on the mission of small businesses

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In the startup environment there are still a ton of challenges. To build something from the ground up is really, really cool and exciting but it’s a lot of work and a lot of getting buy-in. In a corporate environment they’re so used to having HR. They’ve had it forever and the people, the executives who work there, the employees, they’ve always been used to having HR. In a startup, sometimes you are working with founders who don’t even know what HR is.”

Lotus Buckner

Companies are still mission-based and it’s important as a job-seeker whether you want to go into the corporate environment or the startup environment, you have to find a mission that you align with. If you can do that, that's a really big first step.”

Lotus Buckner

If you don’t really believe in the company, it’s hard to align your HR strategies to the business.”

Lotus Buckner

The best tool in the world is building a strong and diverse network that can and will support you through all of this.”

Lotus Buckner

I think having a really strong people and culture function team and program in an early startup is extremely critical. It can save you from lawsuits, bad layoffs, high turnover, and a number of things in the future as you grow.”

Lotus Buckner

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