Ep. 27

Forecasting the Top HR Trend of 2022 w/ Kelly Loudermilk

In episode 27, we sat down with Kelly Loudermilk to learn about the trend sweeping the nation (as well as companies big and small): the anti-work movement.
Kelly Loudermilk

Kelly Loudermilk

Talent Innovator

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In this episode, we sat down with Kelly Loudermilk, Talent Innovator at BuildHR, to hear about the key trend HR should be watching for in 2022. According to Kelly, the anti-work movement will turn everything we know about HR on its head—and HR professionals and leaders need to be prepared to redefine the relationship between employer and employee in the year ahead.

We also talked about:

  • What a Talent Innovator does—and how the role isn’t that different from what HR has always done
  • Why the anti-work movement is happening now—and why it’s important for HR to pay attention
  • Why redefining and rebalancing the employer-employee relationship is a win for both parties
  • The key role HR will play in attracting and retaining talent in the year ahead

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