Ep. 7

Leveraging the Power of a Growth Mindset w/ Amber Parr

In this episode 7, we talk with Amber Parr about how HR can adopt a growth mindset in our ever-changing world of work.
Amber Parr

Amber Parr

HR Manager
Sundance Holdings Group, LLC

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Small business HR wears a lot of hats. For Amber Parr, the hat she loves wearing most is being part of the employee experience—and helping managers get the best out of their people.

We sat down with Amber, HR Manager at Sundance Holdings Group, LLC (more commonly known as Sundance Catalog), to talk about how HR can adopt a growth mindset to meet the needs of managers, and the organization as a whole, in our ever-changing world of work.

We also talked about:

  • The value of a growth mindset—and why she’s so passionate about it
  • Why HR should be focused on learning, plus the challenges of making it a priority
  • Tips for developing a learning and growth mindset (Hint: It starts with curiosity)
  • The power of being adaptable when failure happens

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