Ep. 3

Advocating for Employee Mental Health w/ Nick Staley

In this episode 3, we talk with Nick Staley about the need to be an advocate for employee mental health.
Nick Staley

Nick Staley

HR Business Partner
WeLink Communications

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COVID put a magnifying glass on employee mental health—both on what employees’ needs are, as well as what organizations can do to better support them.

We sat down with Nick Staley, HR Business Partner at WeLink Communications, to talk about, amongst the many hats HR professionals wear, the need to be an advocate for employee mental health (a need that’s only accelerated since the start of the pandemic).

We also talked about:

  • What’s changing in regards to mental health and well-being in the workplace
  • What employees expect from their companies—and their desire to talk openly about mental health
  • What managers and supervisors can do to ensure that employees are receiving the support they need
  • The resources available for those in HR who aren’t mental health experts (hint: that’s many of us)

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