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Ep. 17

17. Employee Experience and Democratizing Human Resources w/ Stephen Fortuna

In episode 17, we sat down with Stephen Fortuna to talk about how he plans to create a free community of information sharing for HR professionals.
Stephen Fortuna

Stephen Fortuna

Community Organizer

Human Resources is shifting the focus from the employer to the employee. If you work in HR at a small business, you’re likely the jack of all trades for anything related to HR. How can you make sure to create a positive employee experience and keep your employees happy? 

Stephen Fortuna, the Community Organizer at Eddy, has set out to create a free community of information sharing for HR professionals. Leveraging the knowledge and experiences of real HR professionals, he aims to democratize the industry through Eddy’s HR Mavericks community and joined the podcast to share his thoughts on the ever-changing HR industry. 

What we discussed: 

  • The biggest changes in HR including the shift from HR to employee experience 
  • What employee experience really means 
  • Why it’s important for smaller businesses to focus on employee experience 
  • Democratizing HR 
  • Eddy’s new HR Mavericks community of information sharing 

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There’s an assumption that’s backed up with data that doing the right things for your employees happens to create the best outcomes for your companies.”

Stephen Fortuna

Employee experience starts before you become an employee and it continues after you leave the company.”

Stephen Fortuna

If you’re a small business and you take all of the metrics that matter to you and put them on a bingo card then start crossing out the ones that employee experience is impacting and improving, you’ll basically get bingo every time.”

Stephen Fortuna

The information you get [from fellow HR professionals] can be more valuable in some cases, cause you’re talking to people who are doing exactly what you’re doing - same problems - and they’ve found something that’s worked.”

Stephen Fortuna

They realize that HR is about empathy and about helping out other humans experience life better.”

Stephen Fortuna

As a founder or small business owner, realize that you need other people - maybe more than they need you - and just find those people and love them to death and change the world together.”

Stephen Fortuna

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