Ep. 44

Improving Employee Retention Through Self-Awareness w/ Steven Farber

In episode 44, we sat down with Steven Farber to talk about the DISC personality assessment and the direct correlation between empowered self-awareness and retention in your small business.

Steven Farber

CEO and Retention Sherpa
Hero Culture

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In this episode, we sat down with Steven Farber, CEO and Retention Sherpa at Hero Culture, to talk about the DISC personality test and the profound impact self-awareness has on employee engagement and retention.

During our discussion, we talked about:

  • The power of personality and the role self-awareness plays in employee retention
  • What makes the DISC personality test unique and why it is effective for any business
  • The benefits of conducting a personality assessment program for both employers and employees
  • How to implement a DISC assessment with real results
  • Why businesses fail to see lasting results with personality testing initiatives

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