Ep. 29

Building a Creator Culture in HR w/ Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek

In episode 29, we talked with Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek to learn more about the creator economy, who can create content, and how HR can help their organizations build a creator culture.
Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek

Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek

Progressive HR

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In this episode, we sat down with Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek, Founder of Progressive HR, to learn about the benefits of building a creator culture at your organization—and how HR can play a lead role in supporting that culture.

We also talked about:

  • What the creator economy is, as well as who can be a creator
  • Her expert tips for HR professionals who are interested in becoming creators (especially if you’re an HR team of one)
  • How HR can help organizations build a creator culture
  • Why creating community will be as important as ever in the future of work

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