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Ep. 5

5. Building a Culture Around the Hero’s Journey w/ Jared Olsen

In this episode 5, we talk with Jared Olsen about his in-depth take on the hero’s journey and how it’s helped the company attract, retain, and even part ways with employees (when the time is right). .
Jared Olsen

Jared Olsen

VP of People Experience

Have you heard of the hero’s journey? From Star Wars to Paw Patrol, every hero takes a journey—and one company has nailed the playbook on building their culture around this unique approach.

We sat down with Jared Olsen, VP of People Experience at JobNimbus, to hear his in-depth take on the hero’s journey and how it’s helped the company attract, retain, and even part ways with employees (when the time is right).

We also talked about:

  • How he fell into the field of HR—and what inspired him to stay (hint: his dad’s advice on how to make a difference played a major role)
  • How he’s helping people in their own hero’s journey
  • What makes JobNimbus a Maverick in the HR space
  • How to build trust with your people so they’ll tell you when they want to move on
  • How JobNimbus turned their candidate experience into a win-win for the company and the candidate

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In every one-on-one meeting, we talk to employees about their scorecard (their “guide to the galaxy”) and their strengths—and what they’re doing to evolve those strengths. We constantly bring to life where they are on their journey. That helps us identify if they’re still being challenged, or if their hero journey is coming to an end.”

Jared Olsen

HR is such a misunderstood profession. When I peeled back the layers of the onion, I realized it’s all about culture—and that’s what I fell in love with.”

Jared Olsen

Every business or company should have a culture that’s unique to them. At JobNimbus, the hero’s journey is at the center of ours.”

Jared Olsen

We don’t turn candidates down. We help them find their next job by reaching out to other companies and asking if they’re hiring. Not only is that a cool candidate experience, we also leverage that as a revenue-generating opportunity.”

Jared Olsen

The level of trust is immensely different when you want your people to succeed—no matter whether it’s at your company or another one that’s a better fit for them.”

Jared Olsen

It’s really easy to ask employees what they want to do next, and go through the motions of helping. It’s a completely different thing to prove to the entire organization: we’ve successfully done that and it’s because we actually care about each person and their journey.”

Jared Olsen

Our mission is to make contractors heroes. We want to make a difference not only in the lives of our customers, but also our J-Force (employees), as well as the community at large. And when that’s all in alignment? There’s a harmonious hum—and that’s how we know we’re achieving our mission.”

Jared Olsen

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