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Ep. 34

34. Building an Award-Winning Workplace w/ Angie Redmon

In episode 34, we sat down with Angie Redmon, an expert consultant who helps companies do the work of applying for a workplace award.
34 - Angie Redmon

Angie Redmon


In this episode, we sat down with Angie Redmon, President at striveHR, to talk about navigating the world of workplace awards—and the importance of doing the work along the way.

During our discussion, we talked about:

  • Why an organization would want to become an award-winning workplace
  • The types of awards that workplaces can win
  • The steps an organization should take before applying for a workplace award
  • Her expert advice for getting started with applying
  • What happens if you apply for a workplace award and your organization does not win

Plus, here’s the guide Angie shared with us in the episode.

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When you’re applying for a workplace award, you’ll ask your employees for feedback about how they feel about your organization. And this supports the employee experience because you’re not only letting your employees know that you value their opinions and you trust them, but it also helps establish credibility with your employees.”

Angie Redmon

There are customers and clients out there that want to work with organizations that have earned workplace awards. Winning an award helps build credibility with those potential (and existing) customers.”

Angie Redmon

Winning a workplace award helps attract and retain talent. As you’re gathering feedback from your employees about why they continue working for you, you can use those insights to support your recruiting strategy.”

Angie Redmon

Companies should be thinking about applying for a workplace award all the time. Some awards require data, so companies should be asking for employee feedback and gathering data to meet those requirements.”

Angie Redmon

If someone applies for an award, and doesn’t win—the work can’t stop there. It’s not about the trophy. It’s about the journey. It’s about the findings you uncover from employee feedback—and the commitment you make to your employees to make improvements.”

Angie Redmon

Celebrate your wins—even if you don’t win the award, celebrate the insights of what you’re doing right within your company.”

Angie Redmon

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