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Ep. 41

41. Attracting Top Talent to Your Team w/ Jessica Holsapple

In episode 42, we talk with Jessica Holsapple about the barriers to recruiting, hiring, and retaining top talent in this increasingly employee-driven market.
41 - Jessica Holsapple

Jessica Holsapple

Executive Coach, Consultant, and Fractional COO
SCG Consulting Group

In this episode, we sat down with Jessica Holsapple, Executive Coach, Consultant, and Fractional COO at SCG Consulting Group, to talk about the barriers to recruiting, hiring, and retaining top talent in this increasingly employee-driven market. 

During our discussion, we talked about:

  • The importance of the human element in any business process or company strategy.
  • The current state of recruitment and the challenges that exist for small businesses looking for top talent to join their team. 
  • What role marketing, company branding, and culture plays in attracting the right person for the job.
  • Which practices and platforms to evaluate and improve to make better, more meaningful connections in the recruitment and hiring process. 

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What I recognized through embracing a people first mentality is that it's actually much more rewarding to do things as a team and to get everyone bought in on the same vision and it's really the only way to get things done.”

Jessica Holsapple

Employer branding is essentially transparency into what your company does, who you are and a little bit of the behind-the-scenes of your culture.”

Jessica Holsapple

What’s a memorable thing about your company that you can reiterate in multiple ways that would really stand out in someone’s mind whether that’s a story that is told from your employees or through your marketing channels.”

Jessica Holsapple

One good take away and rule of thumb when talking about job descriptions and postings - and again this goes to all the really, really busy HR professionals out there that almost feel overwhelmed with getting through resumes and then reposting and then editing a job description and interviewing and wrangling cats - is to look at your job posts across all platforms a minimum of once a week.”

Jessica Holsapple

Take a step back and say what’s working, what’s not. You could use a simple framework: start, stop, continue. What do we need to start doing? Posting ads. What do we need to stop doing? Ignoring the resumes in our inbox. What should we continue doing? Our interview process is going really well and we are getting some rock stars through the door. Look to those areas that you can improve and actually work to start improving some of those things in your process.”

Jessica Holsapple

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