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Malea Booker

Malea Booker

Malea Booker is a progressive HR leader who loves playing in the gray, finding outside the box solutions to help organizations solve problems utilizing their greatest asset – their people. Malea has over 15 years of broad HR experience but finds talent optimization on the top of her – “Favorite HR things” to-do list. Malea believes that strong HR departments are the foundation upon which the most successful companies are built.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

SAY YES! There are so many pieces of the HR puzzle. Learn as much as possible as early on as you can and then pay attention to the projects, tasks, initiatives, etc that light you up so much that you don’t even notice you’re working! At that point, dig in to those areas as much as possible and become a subject matter expert in the areas that bring you the most satisfaction.

HR Encyclopedia articles written by Malea:

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