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Joe Nabrotzky, MBA

Joe’s purpose is to help people live and lead deliberately. After growing a consistently profitable business of his own, he dedicated the rest of his career to becoming the Leadership guide he wished he had as a former CEO and desperately needed as an entrepreneur, manager, and dad. Through an MBA and multiple HR/OD/Leadership certifications, combined with over a decade as a practitioner in the trenches personally leading and coaching other senior leaders as an HR Executive in a successful fortune 100 company, he’s proven how to solve problems leaders face. As a global leader, Mr. Nabrotzky has led people in every major region and lived all over the world. While born in the USA, he spent years speaking only Portuguese in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, and recently returned to Utah with his wife and four children after five years living off lake Geneva in Switzerland.

Joe is sought after by business leaders and HR practitioners who want to learn and apply what top companies do and universities teach to get more engaged employees on cohesive teams in organizations that get results. His practical tips and tools to lead employees, teams, organizations, and even families more deliberately help leaders become the boss everyone wants to work for and person they willingly follow. His learning and development programs, executive coaching, and consulting engagements focus on three areas: People: designing the end-to-end people processes, from recruiting the right talent to engaging and retaining them. Organizational Health: co-creating the right culture, team effectiveness, organizational effectiveness, and change management. Leadership: building leaders who can manage and lead the first two areas: the people and organizational health. Contact Joe to become a better leader from the boardroom to the family room.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Find the main 1-3 problems your leaders and organization face, and then show them how HR (all things people, teams and org) strategies can solve them.

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