HR Maverick

James Barrett

James has worked in the HR field going on 5+ years and currently serves in the role of HR Manager. His areas of expertise are in managing recruiting, onboarding, HR metrics, performance and engagement, employee relations and development. He has earned a masters degree in HR along with the nationally recognized certification of SHRM-CP.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Get involved! There’s many webcasts and activities that you can get involved with nationally and locally if you take the time to look. These can provide networking activities and maybe even a chance to gain a mentor.

Company Vision

What impact do you want your company to have on the world and what will it take to get there? This desired future is your company vision. Having a vision guides your company and your employees toward your imagined future. Continue reading to find out why it’s important to have a vision statement, what the characteristics are of a good vision statement and how to create your own!

HR in the Construction Industry

How does HR in the construction industry differ from HR elsewhere? Successful construction companies have HR departments that place a heavy emphasis on safety. HR plays a key role in ensuring the safety of employees, making sure they’re paid according to state and federal law, and ensuring that training and certifications stay up to date and are documented. How can HR increase its effectiveness within the construction industry? Read on to find out.

Virtual Job Fair

Looking to step up your recruiting game? Virtual job fairs can reach more candidates more easily and cheaply than other recruiting options. Continue reading to learn how to find, prepare for, and reap the benefits of virtual job fairs.
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