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Indra Ponnuswamy

Dr. Indra Ponnuswamy is an accomplished academic leader with over 20 years of diverse experience spanning industry, higher education, and research. She holds a Ph.D. in Management and has most recently served as an honorary Professor and Dean at the National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development in India. Her areas of expertise encompass human resources, entrepreneurship, and finance. She has delivered graduate courses at prestigious institutes in India. Dr. Ponnuswamy has authored numerous peer-reviewed papers published in esteemed journals, including Studies in Higher Education, The Indian Journal of Social Work, and Asian Women. She was honored with the Best Reviewer Award by the Organizational Behavior Division at the Academy of Management’s 83rd Annual Meeting held in Boston, August 2023. This accolade underlines her significant impact in her field of specialization. With a distinguished academic background, refined research abilities, and adept teaching skills, Dr. Ponnuswamy has emerged as a prominent voice in management education. Beyond her professional pursuits, she finds joy in hiking, trekking, and indulging in music. Currently, she is pursuing an MS degree in Human Resources in the USA. For further inquiries, Dr. Ponnuswamy can be reached at

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