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Gloria Ngozi Alado

Gloria is a recruiter who has worked on diverse roles/industry. She understands that every employer deserves who they can trust and rely on, so as every jobseeker deserves a “home far from home” kind of job environment. She believes in the mission of bringing the human back into human resources with a passion of helping people find a career they will love by helping companies find the best talents and matching talents to the best opportunities. When Gloria isn’t talking HR, she sings.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Find the part of HR you’re passionate about, take charge by upskilling and be AMAZING!


Perhaps you’ve had this happen to you: a candidate spends many hours convincing you that they are dependable, reliable, and exactly what you are looking for, and then leaves you and your organization high and dry when you offer them the position. This is reneging, and we must understand why it happens in order to prevent it and respond appropriately.

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