Chase Kempton

Chase Kempton

Chase has been a working HR professional since 2015. He started his career working for a small food production company in southeastern Idaho as a HR intern and was quickly promoted to their HR manager, while in his undergrad. Since then he has held multiple titles ranging as a HR specialist, to manager and HR director for varying small companies. Chase has worked as a private HR consultant in his spare time for growing businesses in the Salt Lake Valley. He currently is the HR manager for a marketing and sales company based out of Orem Utah. Chase has made a name for himself as a driven and humble leader his HR network. Those that have worked for him applaud his ability to communicate and how he solves complex issues with a empathetic heart. Chase is currently pursuing an MHR while being an honor student in that program. In his spare time Chase spends time with his wife of six years and their three year old daughter. Constantly traveling and finding fun outdoor experiences together!

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Always ask to be involved. Don’t pass up on projects. I would have progressed as quickly in my career had I not done either of those. Lastly, lead with your heart. Treat your employees as people and be empathetic.

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