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Amy Mayo

As a senior HR leader and true business partner, Amy specializes in overseeing human resources operations and strategy, employee and client relations, organizational structuring, HR Tech, and policy development. Amy is an analytically minded, problem-solving people operations professional with 15 years of experience across multiple disciplines within the people ops space. Motivated by partnering with key stakeholders to deliver innovative solutions that prepare organizations and teams for growth, while maintaining a best-in-class people experience. Passionate about process improvement and system optimization, aligning people programs with the employee value proposition, creating a supportive environment where people can thrive, and representing the human resources function with integrity, confidentiality, and empathy.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Believe in yourself and do the right thing, always. Even if doing what is right means you are standing alone.


Perhaps you’ve had this happen to you: a candidate spends many hours convincing you that they are dependable, reliable, and exactly what you are looking for, and then leaves you and your organization high and dry when you offer them the position. This is reneging, and we must understand why it happens in order to prevent it and respond appropriately.

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