How HR Mavericks Came to Be

HR Mavericks is dedicated to democratizing HR so that every HR professional has what they need to be successful, without spending a fortune.

Why We Do What We Do

If you’ve been in the Human Resources industry for a minute now, you’ve probably noticed there are paywalls everywhere in order to access quality information about how to be successful in your position. 😬

We feel these barriers are unnecessary and are ultimately hindering businesses across the globe from building healthy and long-lasting organizations. 👎

That’s why we created HR Mavericks. 🔥

HR Mavericks is a community dedicated to democratizing HR by sharing best practices and knowledge, freely and completely, with those who are still figuring it out. And we won’t stop until every one of our peers knows how to make their people feel seen, supported, and taken care of. ❤️

To better emphasize our mission, we created a manifesto that our community members share with the world to show their support, which you can see to the right.

If this manifesto speaks to you at all, join us and help us make this a reality. Your willingness to volunteer your time each week or each month is what makes this all possible and we can’t do it without you.

Meet the Team

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Stephen Fortuna
Emily Newton_web
Emily Newton
Garrett Jestice
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Nicole Christiansen
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Jaidyn Farar

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