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"We’re sharing our best ideas, freely and completely, with those who are still figuring it out. And we won’t stop until every one of our peers knows how to make their people feel seen, supported, and taken care of."

The HR Mavericks Manifesto

Want to Get Involved? Here’s How to Join Us

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    Express your commitment to the movement by signing the HR Mavericks manifesto.
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    Tell us what you want to get out of the movement. This will help us personalize your experience.
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    Tell us what you want to give to the movement. This can include involvement in any of our current projects:
    • Write for our HR Encyclopedia
    • Answer questions in our HR Answers forum
    • Give an interview to our HR Mavericks podcast
    • Provide quotes on breaking-news HR topics for Newsflash
    • Etc
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    Tell us a bit more about yourself for your public HR Mavericks profile page.

Join 200+ HR Professionals in the Movement to Democratize HR

Who can join the HR Mavericks?

Anyone who supports our mission to democratize HR can join us. People of all experience levels and backgrounds have unique ideas and perspectives that they bring to the table. We believe that the strength of our community lies in its diversity. If you want to join, then we need you!

What does it mean to “democratize” HR?

Democratizing HR means giving every member of the HR community a voice and a platform for sharing what they know, so that ultimately the collective body of our knowledge is freely available for the benefit of all.

How will democratizing HR make a difference in the world?

Democratizing HR will give people unprecedented access to HR expertise. We hope that by understanding and following the best practices we share, businesses around the world will do more to make their people feel seen, supported, and taken care of.

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