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How to Start Writing Encyclopedia Entries

My name is Stephen Fortuna and I manage our HR Contributor program here at Eddy. We're so excited to have your knowledge and expertise to lean on as we tackle some big projects together! This guide is designed to give you a brief intro to what our partnership will look like. Read on to learn why we’re doing this, how we’ll build together, and what your next steps are.

Why Create an Encyclopedia?

Everything we do at Eddy is focused around one thing: making life as easy as possible for the hundreds of thousands of HR administrators who are still figuring HR out (aren't we all?). It can be difficult for HR newcomers to find reliable resources to help them on their journey. By creating this encyclopedia we hope to provide HR professionals at every stage in their career an opportunity to learn -- and give back. We hope you'll find purpose in being a part of that mission.

How We'll Build Together

We’re constantly refining our process to make it as simple as possible. At the moment, this is how we’ll create new entries together:

1. Signing Up for Topics

Every week you'll have the opportunity to sign up for new entry topics. You should already have the sign up sheet in your welcome email. Just because you’ve put yourself down for a topic doesn’t mean that is one you’ll be assigned right away. Be sure to wait until we’ve confirmed your assignment before doing any work!

2. Writing the Entry

We'll confirm the articles you've been assigned on Friday of each week, and write up a content brief to help you conform to our style and structure. Although we want every contributor to share their unique voice and perspectives with readers, we also want to create some level of consistency across all entries. Please write your article within the Google Doc content brief that we’ve sent you. The brief is very specific about how to write in a way that will make your piece an amazing addition to the encyclopedia. We even include a basic outline to use! If you have questions at any time you can tag me or a member of the team in your doc.

3. Submitting and Final Edits

You will have one week to complete assigned articles. Once an article is complete, make a note in your contributor dashboard (also included in your welcome email) that it's ready for review. Over the following week, one of our writing coaches will suggest some edits that will help your piece reach its full potential. If you see a lot of edits in your article, don’t panic! Our coaches are very good at helping writers refine their work.

4. Getting Paid

Once all edits are resolved, we'll get you paid! We did mention that we’ll be paying you, right? Each contributor starts off at a different rate, but as you hit certain publishing milestones that rate can increase to as high as $100 per entry. Check out the raise schedule included in your personal contributor dashboard. In order to get you your money as quickly as possible, we distribute all payments through Tango Card rewards links. You can learn more about Tango Card and see the rewards you'll be able to choose from here. When in doubt, use the rewards link we send you to get a universally usable Visa gift card.

Ready to Get Started?

To sign up for your first articles:
  1. Visit your personal contributor dashboard to get your contributor ID.
  2. Put your contributor ID next to entries you'd like to write in our HR Encyclopedia Topics Library.
  3. Wait for us to make official assignments and send you a content brief before getting started - you can expect these every Friday afternoon.
Get confused about your assignments? No problem! You can visit your contributor dashboard at any time to see what entries are assigned to you, and where they are in the process. If things still don’t make sure, be sure to reach out. We’d love to talk things through with you.
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