"Eddy really helps speed up the process."

A case study with Krystal Davis, Director of People, Culture, and DEI at Nexus IT Consultants

Krystal Davis
"I always have Eddy open, and I'm in the program every working day. It just speeds things up, so then I'm able to provide reports and do some forecasting.”

Krystal Davis

Director of People, Culture, and DEI at Nexus IT Consultants

Krystal Davis is Nexus IT's director of people, culture, and DEI. She uses Eddy for every stage of the employment journey, from finding the right candidates, to getting them onboarded, to making sure their information is safe and accessible.
In previous roles, Krystal didn't use employee management solutions like Eddy. Instead, everything was done manually, which wasn't the most efficient method.

Automated Candidate Communication

With Eddy, "the recruiting process is a lot simpler.” One of Krystal's favorite features is the automatic emails that get sent when candidates are moved to a new place in the hiring pipeline. “Instead of sending the same type of email over and over and over again, you know, having those templates that you can go in and customize as needed, it does really help speed up the process and increase the amount of candidates we can connect with."
By automating candidate communication, Nexus IT not only reaches more candidates—they also show that they value every applicant's time and effort.

New Hire Onboarding

The best companies know that a great candidate experience should transition smoothly into an engaging onboarding experience. Krystal loves that Eddy makes the onboarding process straightforward and clear, so new workers aren't left wondering what they have to do. "When we have new hires, everything is there [in Eddy]. They have their checklist they can get through. I think it really helps start off on the right foot with new hires, with having very clear cut [requirements]. You know, this is the information we need from you, here's the information we're presenting, and it's all here in this one spot instead of multiple avenues."

Employee Profiles

For Krystal, the employee profiles are a valuable resource. "It is really nice to have the profiles [as] a place for documentation. One instance where the profiles come in handy? Performance evaluation notes. Before Eddy, performance evaluation documents were exclusively kept on a drive that only admins had access to. Now, employees can see those documents too—right from their personal profile. Krystal explains, "If you wanted to see your performance review evaluations, previously you wouldn't have access to that. And now, it's just nice to have the different permission structures and things, so that [information] is more readily available."

Finding Information in Just a Few Clicks

Goodbye, manual reports and searching through files! Eddy helps Krystal easily find whatever information she's looking for. "Hiring reporting is very helpful for me, because I'm looking at where we get candidates from, all that information. You know, being able to quickly put together a birthday report or work anniversary … it's just, do two clicks and have all that instead of having to manually try and put things together.""

Better Internal Communication

When time tracking and time off requests are managed manually, things are clunky, and there's lots of room for error. Eddy makes it simple for employees to request time off and see who's out of the office on any given day. "If somebody wants to take time off, they let their manager know [through Eddy] … so we don't have to communicate like, 'Hey, make sure everybody in the whole company knows so-and-so was out.' We can just easily pull reports as far as how much time has been taken, how much time we can continue to allot, et cetera. It just takes away a lot of guesswork and nuances and opportunity for missed documentation."

More Efficient (and Strategic) HR Processes

Krystal uses Eddy on a daily basis: "I always have [Eddy] open, and I'm in the program every working day." With Eddy, she's able to automate the tedious, time-consuming tasks that come along with HR responsibilities. With the time she saves, she can dive deeper into more strategic decision making. "It just speeds things up, and then I'm able to adequately provide reports and do some forecasting.”


Now, Eddy helps Krystal save time, keep records organized, and improve the employee experience for everyone at Nexus IT.

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