“Eddy helps you get time back and do all of the other things that you need to do to grow your business.”

A case study with Agnieszka Marchel, Talent Specialist at The Ladder Method

Aggie Marchel
“This is what I've been looking for! Eddy has hiring and the HRIS all-in-one, and everything's integrated.”

Aggie Marchel

Talent Specialist at The Ladder Method

The Results

Eddy helped streamline The Ladder Method’s hiring process in a big way. Now, Aggie can source better candidates more quickly, and the team interview process is smoother and more collaborative than ever. All three parties—Aggie, her team and the prospective new hires—now enjoy a faster and more positive hiring procedure from start to finish. Aggie shares the big-picture effects this shift has had on her day-to-day and on the company as a whole.

Better hiring with automated tools

Aggie started her search for better hiring tools on google. She recalls sorting through dozens of hiring and HR tools, but not finding one that was the right combination. She says “I was reading through every listing I could find on Google. And I finally stumbled on Eddy and it was like a choir of angels and a bright light shining down on my computer because just even from the website, I was like, ‘this is what I've been looking for!’ Eddy has hiring and the HRIS all-in-one, and everything's integrated.”
“Eddy changed my professional life—things are so much more automated and quicker,” Aggie tells us. “Since we started posting jobs with Eddy, I’ve been able to not only find really great, amazing people, but it’s just been so much more efficient, and I can keep everybody in the loop at every step of the way.”
She comments on her favorite part of Eddy’s hiring functions: “My biggest love in Eddy is the automated email system. I really appreciate that when I move a candidate to the next step in the pipeline, they get an automatic email which I set up that tells them ‘Hey, this is what’s going on.’
It’s important to Aggie that job candidates feel cared for. She says Eddy’s automated emails have helped her create what she calls “a sense of care”. She adds, “as a company we want our employees to feel taken care of, and that extends to potential employees. We want them to feel that we’re conscious of the time and effort they’re putting in, and we want to be respectful of that. Eddy has helped us build that part up so much; it’s amazing.”

“Eddy has given me back two hours a day”

Aggie is fan of focused work. She blocks out her day to make sure she can get all the parts to her job complete each day. She says, “I've done a block schedule and I can tell you for sure Eddy has given me back at minimum two hours a day.”
One way Eddy gives back time is by automating manual tasks, but a key part for Aggie is the ease of use. She says that “Eddy is literally so easy to use, so easy to set up, so cute and fun and like, has so many fun little extra features just to make your day more happy and bubbly and fun. But it also just works. It honestly helps you Get time back in your daily schedule and do all of the other things that you need to do to grow your small business.”
With the extra time Aggie has found she’s been able to focus on bigger and more strategic projects. She says “Honestly, without Eddy, I wouldn't have time for all of the outreach projects that I have been doing this year. I’ve been able to do bigger projects that are going to grow the company in the future because Eddy is doing the footwork for me with hiring and HR.”
Eddy has revolutionized another aspect of The Ladder Method’s hiring procedure, too. “It’s made the hiring process a lot more collaborative and more fun for everyone,” Aggie says. “First, the ability to add emoji reactions for candidates is one of my favorite things. But the commenting feature is also so useful—the ability to put everything in one place for a candidate. We don’t have to go back and have a meeting after the panel interview for round two, because everything’s all in Eddy.”
“The team loves that they don’t have to ask me to email them the resume or cover letter or anything,” Aggie continues, “because it’s all there. And the best part is that, before Eddy, I’d have to prep the hiring team for interviews by introducing the candidate and their background. Now I can just say, ‘Hey guys, you have this person at this time. Go, have fun, interview.’” The hiring process is now smoother, faster and more cooperative.

Better onboarding

As an education company, it’s important for The Ladder Method to remain compliant with relevant laws and regulations. When there’s an update in this area, Aggie sends out the information and needs confirmation that each employee has read and understood it. She explains how Eddy has helped make this process easier.
“We’ve now migrated a lot of our employee-necessary documents—things we need them to read—from email and our messaging app over into Eddy. That’s allowed us to track who’s actually reading through things, which is really nice. When you send an email, you don’t know! So this gives us the opportunity to track who’s seeing all of these incredibly important messages that are related to the company.”

The Challenge

For a growing startup that’s constantly sourcing new talent, hiring had become the biggest issue at The Ladder Method. “It was taking me so much time to get any hiring done,” Aggie shares. “The hiring process was weeks long—it would take weeks for the candidates. You lose good-quality candidates when you don’t have that automation and that efficiency.” Before Eddy, the hiring process was a major source of stress for Aggie, her team and their potential new hires, too. “The process was very clunky. I would email all candidates individually from my own email. I told our founder ‘we need to make this better!’”

About The Ladder Method

The Ladder Method is an LA-based education startup that uses a proprietary learning method. Their team of expert tutors don’t just help students improve their grades; they also equip them with tools and strategies that will enable them to learn better in the long-term. They offer tutoring for a wide range of subjects, from pre-algebra and learning comprehension to physics, Mandarin and even bar-exam prep. The Ladder Method also has tutors who specialize in executive functioning skills that students can use to excel in school, work and beyond, throughout their lives. Their mission: to help each person that works with them to achieve their highest potential.





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