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Keys on Main

Keys on Main is the place to go if you’re looking to enjoy high-energy live music over a few drinks with friends. You’ll find locations of this popular dueling-pianos bar in two different states. That’s great news for music-lovers in Seattle, Tacoma and Salt Lake City, but it was getting complicated behind the scenes for owner George Hasenohrl. Handling the nuances of payroll across multiple states in an industry with high turnover was becoming a frustrating task for this small business owner. When a Keys on Main bartender left to join the payroll industry, he called to give George a heads up about solutions like Eddy that can make the whole thing easier.

Industry: Entertainment

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

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George’s love for live music and his own impressive piano skills led him to open the first Keys on Main in Salt Lake City, UT in 2008. Now there are three locations of the lively bar in the western United States. They’re the perfect spot for everything from a casual night out with friends to a bachelorette or birthday party. Each one offers dueling piano shows every weekend, plus a full bar and food menu. Guests rave about the talented pianists, top-notch service and energetic atmosphere.

Features They Love

The bar industry is high-turnover compared to others, which means George and his managers are regularly hiring new staff. Before Eddy, making sure each new hire filled out all the necessary documents was a mammoth task. Now, onboarding practically takes care of itself.

“Everyone loves Eddy, especially for onboarding,” George tells us. “My GMs used to have a stack of paperwork that they’d hand new employees to have them fill out. But now, they have one form, and the most important thing on that form is the email address. Fill it out, and you’re going to get an email from Eddy.” 

“The turnover can be a nightmare when it comes to processing payroll,” he adds. “Now, we just take down a name, address and email address and let the employees finish setting up on their own later. It’s really fantastic.”

Payroll is one of the biggest challenges for a small business owner like George with locations in multiple states. He explains how their previous payroll solution only handled federal taxes, and left them to manage the state filings on their own. “I’m a small business owner—I’m wearing 18 different hats throughout the day. This is one hat I don’t need to wear,” he tells us. “I just want to submit the hours and let someone else take care of it.”

That’s exactly the solution he found in Eddy. “We needed a payroll company that could actually handle multi-state operations and take care of all the garnishments, withholdings and state and federal filing requirements…I didn’t need a payroll company to do a couple of those things; I needed one to do all of those things. That’s ultimately what made us switch to Eddy.”


Payroll laws and procedures can be very different from state to state. Making sure Keys on Main was dotting its Is and crossing its Ts with each new employee was becoming time consuming and even risky. When these types of details fall through the cracks, compliance can become a major issue. When a former employee pointed out that Keys on Main might need to tighten up operations for compliance, George knew he needed to take action.


Now, the expert team at Eddy takes care of every aspect of payroll for all Keys on Main employees in both Utah and Washington. “They handle payroll and the legal side of it,” George explains. “Being able to create one employee handbook that covered a lot of the legal issues from state to state was great, to make sure we’re covered in both regions. It would’ve been cost-prohibitive to do it any other way.”

He adds that his Eddy account manager has played a key role in getting their payroll operations back on track. “Now I’ll never switch, and it’s not just because of the product, but the customer service. Our rep is irreplaceable. I wouldn’t care if I had the chance to save half by going to another company. To know that I can just email her with whatever questions I have or whatever report I might need…it’s fantastic.”


Time savings of 10+ hours per week

George shares how much time Eddy has saved him. “Every quarter, I had 10 hours worth of work for every location to file the state requirements and to do all the other side of payroll stuff, and now I don’t have any of that. I’m pretty hands-off at this point. I don’t really deal with payroll anymore; it’s saved me hours.”

It’s given his managers more time back in their schedules, too. “For myself, it’s a time savings of about 10 hours a quarter. But for my staff, it’s saving them probably two hours a week, easy. So they’re able to do other things. It’s a cost savings in that way, too.”

Less stress for a busy business owner

With three Keys on Main locations in two states, George had enough to handle without worrying about the details of payroll. “When you’re a small business owner, you’re doing 20 other operations yourself. When I’ve got 10 cocktail servers in the weeds on a busy Saturday night, I don’t need payroll added to my plate.”

He continues, “To not have to hire and pay another employee to do all these tasks—to just have a team I know can do it…it allows me to focus on other things, or even to have a little bit of free time, which is hard to find anymore!”

Compliance made easy

A former bartender who left Keys to join the payroll industry turned George on to Eddy. George tells the story: “He said, ‘I looked back and realized I never signed the proper payroll documents when I worked for you. You’re opening yourself up to some real legal issues down the road. Rather than pay an attorney $1,000 an hour to sort this out, let’s just get you on to a new payroll company that can take care of this process for you.’ Now, Eddy is essential to my business.”

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