“Eddy has saved me headaches and time.”

A case study with Sara Anderson, Founder & CEO at IndriVanilla

Sara Anderson
“If there's a way to simplify your life and promote yourself out of a job, it's worth it, and Eddy has definitely been worth it.

Sara Anderson

Founder & CEO at IndriVanilla

The Results

With Eddy, Sara is able to avoid the time and headache of keeping track of almost a dozen spreadsheets. It’s also a lot simpler to adjust hours if needed. “I do have to sometimes adjust people’s hours, like if they forgot to clock out or something . . . but that’s a lot easier than having to do it all by hand.” With payroll and time tracking covered by Eddy, Sara can do more of the work she loves.

Convenience in every pay period

When IndriVanilla made the switch from contract employees to W2 employees, they also chose to go with Eddy. One of Sara’s favorite things about Eddy Payroll is how convenient it is—at the end of every pay period, it only takes a few minutes to approve payroll from her phone.
Since IndriVanilla’s employees all work from home, it’s essential that they have a way to consistently log their hours. Eddy’s ease of use means that the employees haven’t gotten frustrated with the software. Now, instead of painstakingly logging hours on a spreadsheet, they can clock in and out on their mobile devices using the Eddy app.
As Sara puts it, “The owner of a small business is HR.” But that doesn’t mean that the owner should have to handle every HR task. As a self-identified jack of all trades, Sara is thrilled that she can focus on more strategic business tasks than payroll. And all these changes mean that Sara can now enjoy a stress free vacation. “One of the things that made me look for a better solution was if I go on a vacation—heaven forbid I go on a vacation!—I couldn't process payroll while I was out of town 'cause I just didn't have access to everything I needed. But now that we have Eddy I can get on my phone and approve payroll wherever I am, which is really nice.”
With Eddy, approving payroll – which used to take an hour – only takes five minutes. And saving an hour is a big deal for Sara, who has lots to do each week. Now, she barely needs to think about the task she used to dread. Plus, she can let employees get themselves set up on Eddy – another time saver for her. Sara loves “being able to send a link to everyone’s email and have them set up their own username and password so they can get on and put in their own hours.”

The Challenge

Since her company is still too small to need a dedicated HR person, Sara has always been in charge of HR functions. In the beginning, the employees used spreadsheets to log their hours, and Sara had to spend time each week adding things up. With 10 different spreadsheets to go through, payroll and time tracking were “not just a click-of-a-button situation.”

About IndriVanilla

IndriVanilla is a Utah-based company that sells vanilla beans online. IndriVanilla is based around the idea of helping home bakers find high quality, affordable vanilla beans. In addition to helping foodies access great flavors, they’re committed to paying fair prices for their beans so the farmers they buy from can make a living wage. IndriVanilla’s 10 employees all work part time, allowing them to have a source of income while still dedicating time to other facets of their lives.





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