“Switching to Eddy was a no-brainer!”

A case study with Edward Siraya, 
Executive Director at Home Helpers Home Care of Hanover, Maryland

Edward Siraya
Payroll with Eddy is a breeze, and Eddy gives me hiring, onboarding, and one place to keep all employee information and documents.”

Edward Siraya

Executive Director at Home Helpers Home Care of Hanover, Maryland

The Results

Edward uses Eddy to streamline processes that used to be a huge time waste. Now he is able to put off hiring additional staff thanks to Eddy. He’s saving so much time that now he can focus on other areas to grow his business.

An automated process

Edward’s first big task as an entrepreneur opening a new franchise was to hire and onboard employees. In the healthcare industry, documentation and organization are essential. Edward was flooded with onboarding paperwork to try to capture critical new hire information. He explains: “My first challenge was I tried to find an automated onboarding process. I was having to manually chase after all those people that I just hired asking for their driver license, their I-9, their social security number, all these pieces of information. I had just a little shy of 20 tasks that I need to do manually before I could schedule their new employee orientation.”
Eddy’s onboarding templates solved this manual headache completely for Edward. “Now” he says, “I don't even don't have to worry about it. The only time that I need to start looking is when they're done, then I can schedule them a new employee orientation on my calendar and I just make sure that they show up to attend that.”
The automated hiring and onboarding tools in Eddy have helped Edward save a lot of money. He says “Now I don't have to hire a recruiter. I eliminated the process where I have to go hunt down paperwork.” He also is glad to have sensitive employee information stored securely online rather than in a filing cabinet. “I can trust the security of this personal information and documents in Eddy instead of a piece of paper that I have to copy and keep it in my safe that I bought from Walmart, right? Like how much of a security is that?”

“Payroll with Eddy is a breeze”

Edward appreciates the simplicity of having payroll combined in Eddy with hiring and onboarding. “I don't have to manually transfer information from one software platform to another.” Edward had also been frustrated with his previous payroll provider. He found the UI very cumbersome to organize and use for his small business. For example, he says: “I mean, payroll with Eddy is a breeze that I can easily add, for example, a bonus or a miscellaneous expense. I can add or do adjustments quickly versus Paychex Flex, which was very frustrating.”
Edward says that his previous payroll tool was much more cumbersome to use. “For me to add any kind of stuff, like add a column, I have to call customer care and then I'll be on hold like forever.”
With Eddy payroll Edward is saving not only a lot of headaches, but a lot of time as well. He can run payroll much faster than before: “I can probably do payroll in about 20 minutes if that.”
In addition, Edward has invited his accountant to have access to payroll reports. he says the whole process was “a piece of cake. Yep. I just set it and never had to worry about it.”
When asked how much time Eddy saves him in a week, Edward replied, “I would say I save at least a full-time person, like a 40 hour person. Right now I don't have to hire a recruiter at all and I'm still feeling very comfortable with my HR process.”

“Eddy is so much better”

Before finding Eddy, Edward tried to work with a few franchise-preferred vendors, but eventually choose Eddy instead. He says, “I gave [them] a solid six months try. I tried to work with them to make improvements, to identify places and things that could do better.”
He says “if anyone is frustrated with a fragmented system where your recruiting, onboarding, hiring, payroll and HR system are all fragmented into like 3 or 4 different platforms, you are absolutely wasting your time and energy. The sooner you can transition into a streamlined process is so much better.”

The Challenge

Edward took a leap into entrepreneurship and small business ownership when he bought franchise rights for Home Helpers Home Care. His initial challenge was to hire and onboard 35 employees within about three months. He needed a streamlined all-in-one system that didn’t cost him an arm and a leg, but his current software tools were not meeting that need.

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