“I can hire someone within three clicks.”

A conversation with Tara Rowley, 
Senior Human Resources Specialist at Haynie and Company

Tara Rowley
Eddy removes stress from all areas of my work. We used to have to remember to keep track of everything by hand—It was exhausting!”

Tara Rowley

Assistant Controller at Haynie and Company

The Results

With the help of Eddy, Tara has a vastly improved process for hiring, onboarding, and employee record tracking.

Going from zero to 100 in hiring

Prior to using Eddy, Tara says things were not organized to her satisfaction. Their processes were complicated and involved a lot of spreadsheets. Tara says “We were tracking applicants in an Excel spreadsheet. We went from zero to a hundred real quick. So moving to Eddy has been great!”

Tara appreciates the smooth flow of information in Eddy and also the ability to organize notifications for hiring managers: “Being able to move people super seamlessly through the process is great, and Eddy notifies people. So I can move a candidate to the correct hiring manager, and I don't have to worry about following up because I know they got an email about it. It is super helpful.”

The transition to Eddy has improved the time to hire. Tara says: “I can hire someone within three clicks.” Because Eddy’s job offer system includes templates and automation, Tara says “I can save all the templates—so when someone gets a job offer, it takes me like five seconds, instead of the old way where I'd have to type up and edit word documents, change them all to PDFs, send like eight attachments to the candidate to fill out.”

All this automation and process improvement saves a lot of time. Tara sums it up: “Being able to immediately move new hires into onboarding, and having the job offer templates has saved so much time. It went from hours worth of work to minutes.”

Eddy is the main hub for everything

Running HR for a business with nearly 500 employees is a big job. Tara says “I feel like I'm in Eddy all day every day. I have Eddy up constantly—between setting up people for onboarding, helping move people along for hiring for a talent team right now, and then just pulling so many reports.”

Before Eddy Tara used a lot of spreadsheets to keep track of employee info. She explains this was a primary reason they started looking for a software solution: “We started utilizing Eddy because we needed to have a main hub for everything that we have for everybody.” With Eddy, she has exactly that. They have been able to consolidate things into on place. She says: “With Eddy, it’s all in one place—people have their CPA license, all sorts of different certifications, work visas, and things like that.”

When asked what would it be like to go back to things before they started using Eddy, Tara laughs and says “I would quit! I’m not going back!” She explains that “Eddy removes stress from all areas of my work. We used to have to remember to keep track of everything by hand. It was exhausting!”

Mobile app makes Handbook update process smooth

With hundreds of employees simple things like document signing and tasks can make a big difference. “I think Eddy was super helpful and another big win—We have annual compliance forms that must be signed by each employee.” Their previous process required a lot of printing and scanning of paper copies. Now Tara can send it to everyone with just a few mouse clicks. “I can just check a box, select everyone, and Eddy reminds people to sign the document.”

Tara noticed this year that a lot of people signed the document using Eddy’s mobile app, which notified employees and allows them to sign on the phone. She says that “99% of the staff just quickly signed it and I know at least in the office that I'm located in, half of those people just signed it on their phone when they got an alert about it. So that super helpful for sure. I know I signed like half of them on my phone.”

The Challenge

With around 500 employees in 14 locations spread across multiple states, Haynie and Company is always hiring and growing. What they needed was a smooth and efficient system to help them improve their process and become more efficient.

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