“I now have access to all my information.”

A case study with Beth Sweigert, Founder at Acceleration Physical Therapy

Beth Sweigert
“That was the big driver, that I have access to all that information whenever I’m ready to do payroll, instead of having to wait on other people to send me a silly little piece of paper.”

Beth Sweigert

Co-Founder, Acceleration Physical Therapy

The Results

With Eddy’s help Acceleration Physical Therapy is saving time and providing a better system for their employees.

30+ Minutes Saved Each Pay Period

With Eddy doing the hard work of tracking employee hours, Beth doesn’t have to anymore. She still reviews and approves their hours and PTO, but the process goes a lot more quickly now that everything is digital.
Instead of scrambling to collect physical copies of her workers’ hours each week, now Beth just has to log into her computer. Because the hours are stored in one place, she always has access to what she needs. “That was the big driver—I now have access to all my information whenever I’m ready to do payroll, instead of having to wait on other people to send me a piece of paper.”

Ready to Run Payroll

Running payroll requires a fair amount of math, which wasn’t the most engaging task on Beth’s to-do list. As she puts it, “it’s a bit of a pain.” That’s where Eddy comes in. With the automated calculations made by Eddy, Beth can get ready to run payroll without having to add things up manually.
Beth used to collect written timesheets from employees at the end of each pay period in preparation for payday. With Eddy, she’s been able to automate that process so she can spend more time focusing on her company’s mission of fostering healing.

More Flexibility for Employees

Employees have taken to Eddy well. Mobile clock-ins and clock-outs make time management easier, saving people the hassle of keeping track of the same piece of paper all week and writing their hours out by hand.
For the employees at Acceleration Physical Therapy, the mobile app is really helpful. While they have the option of accessing Eddy on their computers if they want, being able to clock in or out using the app provides some welcome flexibility. Beth recognizes that in any setting—from an office space to a deskless workplace—the Eddy mobile app helps people stay accountable for their own time.

The Challenge

Before Eddy, the hourly employees at Acceleration Physical Therapy recorded their own hours each pay period … on paper. When she was ready to run payroll, Beth had to make sure that she had every employee’s sheet. Of course, she met with several obstacles: inaccuracies, sheets getting lost, employees forgetting to turn in their sheets, and the list goes on. In Beth’s words, “the logistics of that were a little messy.” That messiness convinced Beth that she needed to look for a new time-keeping system.

About Acceleration Physical Therapy

Acceleration Physical Therapy was founded in 2007 by business partners Beth and Dave. Now, with three locations in the Spokane area, Acceleration Physical Therapy is still committed to its original mission: to offer long-term healing, not just short-term relief. Though they’ve grown a lot throughout the years, they’re still a small business. That means that they need to find innovative ways to make sure every employee is on the same page.


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