Eddy + Clair = ♥️

Eddy + Clair = ♥️

We are excited that Eddy and Clair are getting together! Eddy payroll customers can now easily offer employees Clair’s fully compliant, on-demand pay solution. This integration will allow employees to be paid daily, at no cost to them, no cost to the employee, and no change to payroll.
“We're constantly working to improve Eddy and to provide experiences that employers need to create a healthy business,” said Travis Hansen, Eddy CEO. “We think Clair is a great partner and a real innovator when it comes to on-demand pay, so it’s an easy decision to partner and we believe it will give our customers an additional edge in attracting and retaining critical employees.”

How to get started

To enable this integration login to your Eddy account and go to Admin Settings. On the Integrations page. you’ll see a card for Clair.

How Clair helps the employer

When you enable the Clair integration in Eddy, we will share certain payroll information with Clair. Eddy will notify your employees that their company has enabled a new pay option, and will give employees a link to create an account with Clair to sign up for early wage access.
  • No impact or change to payroll no manually uploading wage deductions to payroll.
  • No cost to employers Clair makes money when employees spend their earnings, so you have no fees.
  • No repayment liability on employers Clair won’t go after you if your employees are unable to pay back their advances.
  • No change to cash flow Advances are funded by a partner bank, not by your working capital.
  • Outside open enrollment Clair works outside the traditional open enrollment process. Employees can onboard at any time of the year.
The impact of early wage access makes Clair a benefit to the employee, but also to employers: Employers typically see that on-demand pay brings a 2x increase in the number of hiring candidates, a 15% increase in the number of shifts picked up, and a 25% increase in employee tenure.

How Clair helps the employee

Clair offers a stress-free banking app that lets employees access their funds the same day. Employees who are interested in early access to earned wages can click the link to download the Clair app and create an account. Clair verifies the employee’s identity based on information shared when the integration is enabled. Clair creates a bank account for the employee and the employee can elect what portion of their pay they would like to route to their account with Clair.

About Clair

Clair is the pioneering fintech company offering free earned wage advances originated by a national bank. Clair helps professionals get paid before payday, supported by its partnership with FDIC-insured national bank Pathward N.A. Clair is available at over 10,000 employers and more than a dozen workforce management platforms to help increase employee retention and financial wellness amid front-line worker shortages. For more information, visit getclair.com.
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