Eddy + Checkr: Simplify Background Checks
Eddy + Checkr: Simplify Background Checks
We’re excited to announce a partnership with Checkr that enables streamlined background check ordering from within Eddy. Checkr is the leading provider of background check technology. One reason Eddy selected Checkr as a preferred partner is that Checkr’s mission is to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to make hiring more inclusive, efficient, faster, and safer for employers. This means that Eddy customers can more efficiently initiate the background check process from within Eddy’s hiring platform. We believe that this partnership to simplify background checks will enhance the customer experience and drive positive hiring outcomes for Eddy clients. A Checkr background check roughly takes two business days, resulting in a 35% reduction of turnaround time. With this integration, Eddy customers can now seamlessly request background checks from the candidate's profile within Eddy’s application tracking system.
Once a background check has been completed, a card will appear on the candidate's profile page with a link customers can use to view the report in their Checkr account. Eddy customers use the new process to view the status of their background check.
“We are very excited to be partnering with Checkr to simplify the background check process for customers in Eddy. Hiring managers need to reach their candidates wherever they are, and on-board them fast” says Travis Hansen, Eddy’s CEO. “The integration of these platforms gives a streamlined experience that is simpler for both the candidate and the hiring team.”
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