9 Reasons Why HR Managers Love Their Jobs

9 Reasons Why HR Managers Love Their Jobs

After speaking with hundreds of HR managers over the last few years, we’ve learned a lot. We’ve learned about the challenges, intricacies, and stresses of the HR profession, but we’ve also learned a lot about the things that HR managers love. Here’s a quick list of 9 reasons why HR managers love their job.
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1. Interacting with people

Many HR managers go into Human Resources because they work well with people. One of the perks of being in HR is getting to know almost every single person in the company. HR managers love being able to develop friendships, strengthen relationships, and interact with new people.
"HR managers love being able to develop friendships, strengthen relationships, and interact with new people."

2. Helping others

In many companies, HR is very much a service role. The HR manager is often responsible for making sure things run smoothly for the rest of the company. This not only includes administrative work like running payroll and administering benefits, but HR managers will also find themselves working one-on-one with employees who need help or guidance. This may include giving career advice, designing a maternity plan for an expecting mother, or advocating for someone in need. There are endless ways to help and serve the people around you.

3. Having a real impact

HR leaders can massively impact the companies they work for. This can be achieved in so many ways. They might help hire an extremely talented employee who goes on to develop an important product or service. They might distribute and learn from employee surveys where they can make changes to align the business with its workers. Or they might make suggestions to company executives on ways to modify and improve the company culture. However they do it, HR managers are constantly adding value to their companies.

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4. Continuous learning

The Human Resources profession is constantly evolving and improving. There will always be more to learn and room to grow. HR managers learn a great deal about business, organizational structure, employee engagement, data, technology, employee benefits, and more.

5. Empowering themselves through technology

One of the hottest spaces for innovation and business technology in 2020 is HR software. Dozens of new products are being introduced into the market, and many of them are significantly easing the administrative burden of HR professionals. With the help of great HR software, these HR pros are able to supercharge their workday and accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

6. Problem solving

HR managers are problem solvers. They take on new challenges almost every day and they’re forced to think on their feet. Many HR professionals relish the challenge and love that their job necessitates the ability to think critically. Yes, like any other job, HR does include some mindless work (paperwork doesn’t magically go away) but much of their time is spent solving real problems.
"Many HR professionals relish the challenge and love that their job necessitates the ability to think critically."

7. Making good money

It’s true, the HR manager will likely never have the highest paying salary within the company, but they certainly won’t have the lowest. The most recent figures on Glassdoor show that the average salary for an HR manager is over $75,000. Considering the average American makes just under $50,000 every year, it’s clear that companies value the skills they bring to the table.

8. Building company culture

Culture building can take on many forms, and the HR manager will be involved in almost every aspect of it. This could mean being involved in planning company parties or celebrations, and can also mean helping to design the office and employee workspaces. For many HR managers, this is the most fun part of the job. They’re able to separate themselves from the daily grind and think more strategically about how to create the best experiences for the employees in the company.

9. Variety

Very few professionals will experience as much variety in their work as HR managers. When leading an HR department, you may be responsible for several very different tasks throughout the day. In the morning you might be briefing the CEO on the results from the latest employee engagement survey, followed by interviewing some potential new hires, and then sneaking in some time to re-think your employee onboarding process, all before having lunch! HR managers are responsible for a lot of work in a lot of areas. They experience something new every day.
If you’re an HR manager and you love your job for a reason we didn’t list here, we’d like to hear from you! Eddy is always looking for ways to learn from the great professionals leading the charge in Human Resources. Feel free to use this contact form and send us your ideas. If you're looking for even more reasons to love your job in HR, request a demo of Eddy today to see how we can help.
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