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Yvette De Luna, Esq.

Yvette De Luna, Esq.

Yvette is an employment attorney with 25 years of experience in the fiel. She has been an employee, a manager and a business owner. As such, she realize that employment claims are mostly about lack of documentation and failed relationships with employees. When she managed employees directly she saw how how the managers she supervised struggled in their interactions with employees. She developed an interaction framework she named RED and wrote a book about it because it was a success. With the framework in place, she was able to lower the turnover rate at the organization as well as shift from toxic to trust culture. She is now devoted to training, speaking and writing about making workspaces better spaces- spaces for human growth.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Holding an HR position is an immense privilege. You are the agent of change of the organization. Use that privilege for the betterment of all.