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HR Maverick



Veronica is an experienced Human Resources professional with a strong belief that if you work hard for your employees they will work hard for you. She believes engagement is truly what we receive when we set our employees up for success! She has a passion for exploring ways to make this a reality for the employees she serves and works daily to perfect the workplace experience. She also loves to laugh and have fun. Veronica loves being a mommy to her two kiddos and loves the chance to Netflix and chill with her husband.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Be ok with not knowing everything but do not be ok with not knowing! If you do not know something be curious, ask questions, and get back to whoever needed that particular piece of information. Treat employees the way you would expect your mother to be treated at her workplace. Kindness matters everyday of the week. This job is not easy and it is not for everyone but if you chose this profession and stick to it the rewards outweigh the cons.