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Tykia Mastin

Tykia Mastin

Tykia is. Talent Acquisition Specialist that works with Class A truck drivers to find them opportunities to be safe and make an income that can provide for their families everyday. Tykia has worked in government and tech recruiting as well and currently is building her platform on LinkedIn to match jobseekers with potential employers and mentors. Tykia is also working on a journal to help empower those that have experienced loss to become mentally healthy and sound. Tykia is available to connect with on LinkedIn!

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

We have a responsibility to help those that have potential recognize their potential! The fact that a resume or an incomplete social site can deter us from finding stars is saddening! I implore all of us to look deeper and try to help those that are deserving!