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Thien Nguyen

Thien Nguyen

With a unique background in banking, investment, and SaaS, Thien is passionate about using his skill-set to lift the HR function. Thien completed his undergraduate studies at Arizona State University in Business Communications and his graduate studies at Utah State University, earning a degree in Human Resources. Thien is currently the VP of Human Resources for a fast-growing tech start-up in Lehi, Utah. He is well versed in scaling the human resource function to fit each stage of a high-growth company and is a trusted advisor with a "seat at the table".

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

You are a business professional FIRST AND FOREMOST (not an HR professional). Align your work to the business' strategy and justify your decisions with data. You will have a "seat at the table" and be the dynamic HR business partner every company NEEDS!