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Samantha Lubanzu, MCIPD

Samantha Lubanzu, MCIPD

Samantha Lubanzu is a profound and energetic professional career development coach, mentor, and motivational speaker. With her skills to teach and train people, she empowers them to bring transformational changes in their personal and professional lives. She strives to build confidence in women through her online transformational programs and enables them to progress and move up the career ladder to senior-level roles. Her vision is to assist them in emerging as successful and valued professional women and still enjoy a balanced home and family life.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

1. Continue your professional amd personal development throughput your career 2. Ensure to build your network of peers 3. Ensure to have a HR mentor / role model or coach 4. Build your brand "what are you going to be known for?" 5. Understand and utilise storytelling methods 6. Understand the numbers ...statistics and financials so that you can have a greater impact when business partnering 7. Stay true to your values 8. Never give up !