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Rob Pedersen, MHR

Rob Pedersen, MHR

Rob a.k.a Rob From HR is a passionate HR professional striving to find the #HRNuggets that can only improve the sacred relationship between Company and their most valuable asset--the People! With well over a decade within the HR world, Rob continues to grow himself as a professional, network with other HR professionals, and also share the HR Wisdom he comes across.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Focus on the People and their experiential journey in your Organization while thinking outside the box!

HR Encyclopedia articles written by Rob Pedersen, MHR:

Special Enrollment Periods

When an employee requests a change to health insurance, how do you respond? This article discusses special enrollment periods when an employee is allowed to make changes to a health plan, how long they have to do so, and why special enrollment periods are important.

Scheduling Software

Did you know you can streamline how you set up appointments with key stakeholders by utilizing a scheduling software? Whether used externally with job candidates and HR vendors or internally with employees, implementing a calendar scheduling system will make everyone’s life a lot simpler.