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Riley Warren

Riley Warren

Riley is an enthusiastic human resources professional who looks to deliver strong performance and inspire positivity in the workplace. He takes pleasure in researching problems and providing coherent solutions. He is all about building relationships and practicing active listening to promote and embrace teamwork. While being an energetic learner, Riley never wants to stop learning. He has goals to acquire a PHR/SHRM-CP certification, secure a Master's Degree in Human Resources or similar, and a desire to keep building his HR career. On a more personal level, Riley is obsessed with Converse shoes, Coffee, and The Weeknd (Riley is a top 0.005% listener). He also enjoys cooking and baking, playing basketball, and traveling.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Ask for feedback, and be open to mistakes. Mistakes can lead to excellent learning opportunities which can help you hone your skills and help you grow as a professional.