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Ricklyn Woods, SHRM-SCP

Ricklyn Woods, SHRM-SCP

Ricklyn is a certified HR professional with over 16 years experience in human resources, with an emphasis on employee relations, talent planning and development, and compliance. She has worked for global Fortune 500 brands and has provided HR consulting services to small to mid-sized organizations. In 2021, she launched So You Want To Work in HR, The Podcast, with the goal of amplifying voices in HR, inspiring aspiring HR professionals, and those already in the field. She also provides career coaching and resume writing services to HR professionals looking to activate or advance their career in Human Resources. She was recently recognized as one of the most inclusive HR influencers of 2021.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Get clear about your “why”. Many people aspire to get into HR because they want to help people. While that is part of what we do in HR, it’s certainly not the ONLY thing we do.