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Richelle Anderson

Richelle Anderson

Richelle Anderson is an HR Professional with experience in the following HR functions; Employee Life Cycle (recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, job offers, HRIS systems), developing HR processes and procedures, benefits administration, benefits open enrollment, culture champion, employee relations, training & Development, employee engagement, company wellness and an advocate for openly talking about ending social stigmas surrounding mental health and mental illnesses, especially in the workplace.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

There's a lot to learn when starting a career in Human Resources, and I would encourage anyone new to HR to find social networks near you, SHRM is a great starting place and provides resources and network opportunities near you. Patience, it can be extremely exciting when you start your first role in HR, and I would remind yourself there's a lot to learn and each company manages their HR in different ways. Become a sponge, soak up as much information as possible, either on the job or by your own research and networking. HR is evolving and opportunities are endless, connect with integral players of your organization (executives, team leaders, supervisors, etc.), these individuals will provide insight on where the company is going and where it has been, and always you to form great working relationships when you take that initial initiative to know who is leading the organization you're supporting. Do not be afraid to fail, we are human and failure is inevitable, we cannot grow and evolve unless we fail. Find a mentor, someone who you can trust and bounce ideas off of, and a mentor does not need to be some someone with a fancy title, it can be anyone who listens and provides you with truthful feedback that will lead you towards the direction you are wanting to go, and try not to let constructive feedback get you down, we all need to know our weaknesses and strengths in order to master our skillsets.