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Pammi Rani

Pammi Rani

Pammi is a Human Resource Professional with around eight years experience. Pammi specializes in Human Resource field and responsible for all aspects of the HR, i.e. recruiting, employees relations, wage claims, training etc. Pammi has a very positive attitude and tireless energy, which makes her a great employee at her workplace. Pammi is inspired daily by her husband and a cute little boy. In her free time Pammi likes reading books and running.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Words of advice and encouragement I have for people getting started in HR is "you will feel alone at first. Don't get discouraged". Though HR helps drive culture and improve morale for everyone else, it can be a lonely job. HR have to handle hiring, firing and everything in between and are privy to information that most employees including Manager never see. You are sworn to secrecy and find out about big changes well in advance. There is a famous saying "HR live by a code". But despite all these an HR is a very amazing career as you can make massive difference in employees life by coaching them through professional and personal challenges.

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