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Nathan S Merrill

Nathan S Merrill

Nathan "Nate" Merrill, is an attorney and entrepreneur who works with affluent individuals and families and successful businesses as strategic tax counsel to help them find opportunities to capture and preserve their wealth in a tax efficient way. Nathan approaches his practice with an "engineering" mindset and finds tax efficient solutions that work for myriad challenges that successful and growing businesses can present. Nate has a passion for working with innovators and creative mindsets, and in general people who are always willing to ask the question "why". Nate has a hobby farm in south-eastern Utah he has named "Rivendell Acres" which is a place he escapes to when the only answers to life's chaos is a few hours on a tractor with the hope to make the earth a little more beautiful and productive. Nate has 4 children and an amazingly brilliant wife. He plays the drums, and likes convertibles, especially vintage ones. He doesn't read, but is an avid audible listener. His passion is to help people discover their potential and find ways to achieve it.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Show you believe that people have more potential than they might believe themselves. Be contagious about it, so they eventual "catch" it and make your vision their own.