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Natalie Warren

Natalie Warren

Natalie is a diversity first, compassion led HR Coordinator for the largest Naturopathic college in the Southwest. As a recruiter, she brings years of experience as a candidate to the table, having worked directly with recruiters for over 7 years. She is hoping to “change the game” of hiring and onboarding, to ensure equitable and inclusive practices are being used and encouraged. Natalie is constantly looking for ways to improve her processes, as well as bring different points of view to the table. One of her passions is speaking about healthy work places, and burnout prevention. She offers 1:1 mentorship for working millennials to understand and process burnout, and find workable solutions to get back on track!

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

The field of HR is vast! You can get started and quickly learn the ins and outs, and find out which area suits you best.