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Mike Noll

Mike Noll

Mike has been designing and facilitating new hire orientations and professional development programs for employees at all levels of an organization for over twenty years. In his current role, he conducts assessments, consults/coaches, and develops action plans to address individual, departmental, and divisional needs to align with the University’s strategic plan. He uses his wide range of human resources experience to consider all potential HR implications. Mike has been an adjunct instructor at the undergraduate and graduate levels between 2004 - 2021. He is passionate about providing managers with tools and techniques needed to help them create work environments where employees are developed, engaged, and retained.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Look for the work that HAS to be done, but no one is volunteering to do. Do it. You will be known as someone not afraid to do the "grunt work" to help the team be successful.