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Mikaela Contreras

Mikaela Contreras

Mikaela connects impact driven professionals with fulfilling careers through coaching and training. She is also shaking up the hiring process through learning and development to improve how companies attract and retain top talent. She has over a decade of experience in recruitment and L&D and has worked in international environments across five countries.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

For anyone who is just getting started in HR I would suggest 3 things. 1. Ask someone senior in HR to be your mentor. It doesn't have to be more than meeting 1 h every month and most people are happy to share knowledge. 2. Start building your network in HR and follow experts in your niche through leveraging LinkedIn. 2. Tap into some of the free or low-cost online courses out there. There is so much information accessible nowadays. Bonus tip: Don't be afraid of asking to be involved in other projects. There's nothing mote educational than hand-on experience.