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Mia Nebeker

Mia Nebeker

Mia is an HR Generalist who "fell" into HR after realizing that being a psychologist wasn't quite the right fit. She has loved every second of it and is looking forward to many years to come. She's amazed at how supportive the HR community is and is excited to start giving back. When she's not studying for the aPHR, you can find Mia on the tennis court working on her serve!

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

Although my HR journey has just begun, I've learned pretty quickly that it has its challenges. However, it's absolutely worth it. I would advise anyone to not let their mistakes define them, but still to make sure to learn from them. And to always be your authentic self!

HR Encyclopedia articles written by Mia Nebeker:

Carryover (PTO)

You know for yourself how important time off is to your health and happiness at work. Your PTO policies are important for employee wellness. Read on to see how carrying over paid time off into the next year can be a hit or a miss for employees and company alike.

Hiring Preparation Process

The pressures of hiring can be overwhelming. A good preparation process can ease a lot of the stress. A hiring preparation process not only helps you as an employer but makes a positive impact on your candidates’ experiences.

FLSA Exempt

Have you wondered why some employees don’t receive overtime pay? That means they are FLSA exempt. There’s more that goes into an exemption than pay, so read this article to learn more!